What I study “in common language”

Basically, it is a motivational theory of firms via which I am attempting to explain (predict) future behavior, mainly strategic activities, of a firm: change in strategies, timing of acquisitions etc.

Diagram of my research


  • Behavioral theory of the firm (Cyert & March)
  • Prospect theory (Kahneman & Tversky)
  • Bounded rationality (Simon)
  • and other streams in particular areas of interest


What is it good for?

  • Managers – understanding that managers are subject to short-term reactions to feedback from attaining goals.
  • Owners – for setting appropriate reward system for managers in order to promote long-term interests of their business and maximize return on investment.
  • Competition – prediction of some likely competitors’ moves.
  • Governments – assessment of an impact of certain policies.

Where is it applicable?

  • Firm and business unit level mostly.
  • However, basically my research is applicable on smaller units as well (departments, long-term teams etc.)


What am I currently doing?

  • Assessing impact of some factors on differences in decision making (national culture, attributes of external environment, composition of a board).
    • Quantitative approaches: mostly mixed effects econometric analysis of panel data
    • Literature review
  • Looking for interesting companies for case studies.
  • Preparing research proposal for its defence at the faculty in Autumn 2016.